Naya’s Guide On How To Promote Properly.
┖ As requested anonymously 

You hear this all the time from people, that you have to promote. Yet, some of us don’t really understand what that means exactly. Sure promoting seems simple enough, right? Unfortunately, no. There’s more to it then that.

01. Sideblogs

Now, if you’ve just finished making your roleplay and you want to get people’s attention, then don’t worry about clogging up your dash. It’s when you’ve already opened and started accepting applicants that you should start thinking about making a promo-blog.

Well, for some of you at there who don’t know what that is, a promo-blog is basically just a sideblog where you post all of your advertisements. So promotions, character promo, anything to try and attract roleplayers to your rp.

02. Posting Promo’s

This is really important. When we first make a roleplay, promoting might seem easy, but sooner or later it becomes a chore. And yes, we’ve all been there. The thing is, you have to do it. Just buckle down and post those advertisements. Think of it as being a salesperson. Sure you’re not sprouting out lies, but you’re still trying to attract people, right? Right.

Now when posting promo’s, don’t do it every couple of minutes. If anything, this would probably end up annoying alot of people. And believe me when I say this, that is something you don’t want to do. Ending up on a rpc’s blacklist is not a good thing. So when posting, I recommend doing it every hour or so. Of course, make sure you have a nice promo graphic and a summary of your plot. I’d say between two to three paragraphs maximum.

One other thing, don’t think you can only post promotions on your blog/sideblog. No, you can actually submit them to some people. Various places are other rpc/rphs. As usual, just make sure they allow that sort of thing. Also, promotion blogs. Those are great ways to get viewers attention. 

➝ Here are a few: promoteyourrp // promo-my-rp // rpcgron

03. Having Some Graphic Trouble?

Not all of us are gifted with Photoshop, and hey, I totally get that. Believe it or not there was a time when I flat out sucked at using PS. I honestly couldn’t edit things worth a damn. Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things since then. But, if you’re having trouble making a promo graphic, well don’t fret! There are tons of graphic helpers out there. Just go search through the rph & rpc tag. 

In fact, here are a few lovely people that help with that sort of thing. (Of course make sure that their requests are open)

➝ kstewrpc // rphelper // tennantivelyhelping // nayahelper // thetrolliestrpc

04. Still Having Trouble?

Okay, so you’ve been posting promo’s left and right, but you still haven’t been getting applications. Well, I hate to say this but it might be because your plot isn’t original enough, your graphics aren’t catching peoples eye’s, or your theme is just plain boring. And if that’s the case then it looks you’re going to have to do some re-vamping. But hey! There’s nothing wrong with that, plenty of roleplays to do this.

My biggest advice to you would be going to an rpc and asking for a review. Make sure that they do that type of thing, and that their reviews are open. Pick a good reviewer, someone that isn’t afraid to tell you their honest opinion and write more than a few bullet points. Remember, critiques are good, as they help you improve. ;) They should be able to give you some good tips, and maybe you’ll be able to fix whatever problem you were having. 

Here are a few places I highly recommend going to for reviews:

➝ thehumbleroleplayer // kgillsrpc // thatfrenchhelper

Now for a brief sum up, just keep in mind to:


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